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Acero is a stainless steel modular kitchen brand owned by B3 group-the pioneers in automated kitchen equipment manufacturing and renowned for their excellent designing process and adoption of modern technology.

The design of an Acero kitchen is chartered on aesthetics and ergonomics. These customized kitchens are meticulously crafted to suffice the need of the most discerning client. B3 Group, one of India’s finest engineering companies is the mainstay of Acero. B3 brings to the table, technical expertise and mastery of engineering in making an Acero kitchen at the automated plant of B3.

Founded two decades ago, B3 is one of India’s leading Engineering companies with a wide product portfolio including commercial and domestic kitchens, hospital and retail equipment, engineering and architectural applications of stainless steel etc. With state-of-the-art manufacturing and corporate facilities in Bengaluru and Kochi, B3 has made a deep impact in the market with strong technological integration and innovative products. The company also has managed to install a strong sense of sustainable growth in the industry by adopting green practices such as solar energy, recycling and efficient waste management etc., considerably reducing dependence on conventional energy sources at our manufacturing facilities and offices.

Ethical and client centered business policies are at the core of B3’s business, delivering products and services that spell growth for everyone.

Steel is always new. It is the easiest material to clean; a single swipe leaves it fresh as new, year after year. The design process also avoids difficult ridges that accumulate dust. The scratch free surface and wall mounted assembly unit makes it a product that will always make you proud.
ACERO’s core principles are aligned with the earth. Every raw material, process and product is carefully sourced, processed and sold with the good of the earth in mind. Every product is durable, avoids wastage and is recyclable. Preserving the environment and building sustainable products is a promise that will be followed globally by the brand.
Made of steel, every ACERO kitchen is made for life. It is the most hygienic substance as it resists bacterial growth, fungus, insects and termites. It is also corrosion resistant, water & fire proof. Steel is also extremely strong and can endure heavy weights and usage without any damage making it the perfect material for a kitchen that stands the test of time.
The incredibly well designed French technology gives you smooth movements and lets you move the entire unit easily and/or module by module as necessary. Module facets are also changeable.